EVERLY: Pure Grindhouse Fun


The relatively unheard of EVERLY (2015) may be a brainless grindhouse action movie but by god is it an entertaining brainless grindhouse movie. It’s a happy skip over a hill with rainbows glowing in the horizon… only if the hill was made out of the thousand or so dead dudes Salma Hayek kills over the course of the movie. The very simple story doesn’t do much but string in a bunch of well choreographed action set pieces so don’t expect any high class storytelling here, but then again, if you were looking for that in a movie where a girl fights off an entire army of Yakuza minions and hitmen, you’re in the wrong fucking cinema.

Speaking of which, the action scenes are all done very good and loaded with variety, ranging from melee fights to explosive shootouts all shot in steady camera. If you’re like me and you’r sick to death of shaky cam “action” that fucks everyone’s visions up like what was seen in the TAKEN sequels, EVERLY will be a breath of good fresh air for you.

The only major complaint I have is the movie’s final fight. It wasn’t bad but it was really underwhelming when compared to the movie’s other more creative fights that served as the build-up to a whole lot of nothing. Near the movie’s climax, Salma Hayek had trouble with certain group of fucked up (yet awesome) Japanese elite mooks and she really had to exert a lot of effort to escape their death traps but it took her just a few seconds and a lucky strike to end the overall bad guy’s life. You know there’s something lacking in an action movie when the evil boss’ lieutenants are more interesting than the aspiring world dictator/ generic evil big corporation CEO.

Underwhelming final boss or not, EVERLY is still definitely one of the better action movie released in recent memory alongside JOHN WICK, THE RAID and KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. If you call yourself a fan of the old 80’s action movies and had enough of the PG-13 crap our old gods like Stallone and Schwarzenegger are currently wasting their time on, do yourself a favor and check this one out.


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