Somewhere up there, the God of Cinema heard the prayers of many Action Movie fans who have grown sick and tired of all the Young Adult crap and CGI orgies that have been flooding cinemas as of late. Wherever said deity lives, it heard the loud and audible disappointment of many every time some idiot studio would water down an Action Movie into Millennial PG-13 (ahem, EXPENDABLES 3) all for the sake of money while disregarding the audiences’ actual wants. Sick and tired of this shit, the God of Cinema sent its divine angelic Valkyrie named MAD MAX: FURY ROAD to not only resurrect a near dead genre but to also remind people why they should go to the cinemas in the first place.

Returning to the franchise that put him on the map and helped redefine the Post-Apocalyptic landscape, George Miller somehow made his epic wasteland trilogy MAD MAX (from the low-budget cult classic original all the way to the Hollywood sponsored THUNDERDOME) look like amateur hour when compared to the two hour adrenaline rush called MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Right from the start, FURY ROAD throws you into its world with close to no exposition at all and unleashes two hours of pure chaos on the viewers without letting up one bit. Vehicles murder the living fuck out of each other, brainwashed fanatics fling themselves at charging cars and a blind man plays a flamethrower-guitar at max volume on a vehicle made of subwoofers and speakers as three fully armed war parties pursue Max and his new-found “ally” Furiosa as she drives the massive War Rig in her attempt to get a harem of “Breeders” (aka Sex Slaves) as far away from the overlord Immortan Joe as possible. Basically, just take the last act of THE ROAD WARRIOR and turn that epic chase into a two hour movie with all the benefits of today’s cinematic technology (like CGI and better stunt work) and you have MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

When it comes to MAD MAX, people usually remember it for the vehicular carnage and by god does FURY ROAD deliver. Featuring the most impressive action scenes witnessed in ages and giving ten new meanings to the words “Vehicular Manslaughter,” FURY ROAD takes a massive shit on crap like TRANSFORMERS that rely on nothing but CGI and uses the computer imagery as sparingly as possible, letting actual stunt experts and legit pyromaniacs do their thing.On steroids. In doing so, FURY ROAD shows off possibly the most epic and brutal action ever seen in any movie to date. Each setpiece in the movie just gets bigger and bigger in ways no one could expect, starting with something as “small” as the Interceptor being pursued by a couple of war vehicles and then ending in an explosive car chase involving close to a hundred different war machines and fuck knows how many casualties that plays out in maybe thirty minutes of pure insanity.

But what’s surprising about FURY ROAD is that despite the possibility that its script is most probably only six (6) pages long with an extra four (4) pages detailing where the explosions go, the movie has a lot of depth and humanity to it. In total, there’s maybe possibly less than ten (10) minutes of “silence” where the characters don’t murder each other and instead, do normal human stuff like talk and take a break. While the characters do talk in small doses, every little line of dialogue is more than enough to flesh out the people living in the harsh world of the post-nuclear war Earth where everything is now sand and death. Motivations and goals are revealed in short lines and a lot of the emotions are shown through the characters’ eyes and body language, all of which seem like a dead artform in this day and age where fuck next to everything is spoon-fed to the audience. Following the footsteps of previous entries and improving them some more, FURY ROAD is possibly the best cinematic example of “Show Don’t Tell” without needing to be pretentious about it.

Not only that but this movie is actually a violent middle finger towards the patriarchy and everything misogynistic in this world. I’m not looking in “too deep” into this; when a movie has a clan of gun-wielding grandmas called the Vuvalini and an extremely roided bodybuilder of a man named Rictus Erectus, subtlety can just go fuck itself out the window before an exploding spear (which is an actual weapon in the movie) is thrown at its face. The beauty of this theme is that it’s never shoehorned or shoved down your throat like what RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES did with its “Humans R EVIL” message (APES is still a good movie, though); it’s just shown to be a driving force of the world the characters live in and it’s something that has to be taken down. Even if it has the perfect chance to do so, FURY ROAD never sparks some stupid “Battle of the Sexes” routine where one side of the gender debate is shown to be purely evil just because of what set of genitals they posses. Instead, Max and Furiosa NEED each other to survive the armies of Immortan Joe and thus they form a shaky alliance (that THANKFULLY never develops into some forced romance garbage) to better their chances against their pursuers. Here, it’s shown that striking a balance between genders is always a better option than outright hating the other side for some stupid made-up reason. It may not look like it at first but FURY ROAD is one fucking angry movie when it comes to the patriarchy but it never forgets to be a good Action Movie first and it accomplishes this by becoming the best motherfucking Action Movie made in decades.

Almost all of FURY ROAD is perfect: the music, the casting, the setting, the action… EVERYTHING. It may have taken more than three decades to finally get beyond the Thunderdome but the long wait is worth it. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is the rare Action Movie that has both depth and adrenaline, two things that should go hand-in-hand when making Action Movies but something most modern action directors tend to forget (seen glaringly in TRANSFORMERS).

It’s over. 2015 can go fuck itself. If you’ve seen FURY ROAD already you’re pretty much done with the year; everything will look slow as fuck after seeing the latest MAD MAX entry. This is something that is begging to be seen on the big screens so do yourself a favor and watch MAD MAX: FURY ROAD aka THE MANLIEST FEMINIST MOVIE EVER MADE. I’ve seen this thing thrice on the big screen and I sure as shit know I’m buying it on original DVD the moment it get released.



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